How to Apply Search Engine Optimization Appropriately

If you are writing content for your website, the appropriate way to apply Search Engine Optimization is to insert keywords throughout the text of such website. A lot of people realized this fact while many site owners neglect adding keywords to their title tags due to negligence or ignorance. Be aware that adding keywords to the content of your website will increase the site’s ranking. All you need to remember is making the keywords you insert to your new texts sound natural.

If you want to be certain that you are as comprehensive as possible at the time you are writing the content of your site, make use of Meta tags and adding in detailed descriptions. In fact a lot of people forget to incorporate Meta tags, and their site does not gain as much because it ought to have gained as a consequence.

On the hand, the www (World Wide Web) is such a gigantic place. For this reason, to get your site recognized, make sure you do all that you can to make your website more detectable to search engines. Hence, make it very easy for search engines to locate your site. Search engines pick up on XML site map when you make it for your site and they can use it for indexing your site. If you are conversant with XML then check up video tutorials on the internet, or get information on forums to assist you further. There are equally a lot of books on XML that you can get from your local bookstore to have a glance.

If it requires giving your website another name to increase just a little more traffic, go ahead and do it but make sure everything is as keyword rich as possible. You need to add a lot of keywords to your site in order for it to achieve the best rank. Therefore, dole out some extra cash and give your websites another name to be sure that they are making the majority out of the keywords you want to make use of. Do not be astonished at how many more people will visit your site just for the reason being that you simply changed the website to a keyword friendly one.

Make sure that you update yourself on Search Engine Optimization and any latest information about search engines in general. Furthermore, think about subscribing to newsletters that gives you information about the most up-to-date reports on SEO. Latest technologies are released all the time and you have to be knowledgeable at how to familiarize yourself with the digital world as well as frequent technological changes.

Many things are still to be learnt on how to apply Search Engine Optimization appropriately to get the best for your website and business. There is no knowledge that is wasted as far as learning is concerned. Make use of the above information but don’t limit yourself to this information alone but search for new ideas on how you can boost your site’s search engine ranking and never be tired of learning new thing on daily basis particularly on SEO and other related topics.

Author: Nick Stafford, tech writer at

PayPal vs. Wallet vs. Square Cash

PayPal, Google Wallet, and Square Cash are all virtual wallets and mobile payment solutions that do an awesome job of reducing problems with payments. Now in the internet age, these wallet are performing an important role by ensuring payment to all sorts of different parties. A study found that in 2013 these payment providers transacted around $235.4 billion, and it is expected that this figure will rise to $721 billion in 2017. Let’s compare the three main contenders in the space.

Note: When this article was originally published, the Apple Pay system was not yet announced. We will re-analyze these payment providers soon and include Apple Pay!

Google Wallet

wallet imageGoogle Wallet is one of the most important and most prominent virtual mobile payment systems in the market. Wallet allows people to send money to family and friends within Gmail! It is also possible to make payments to various providers online. It generally allows for the use of loyalty cards to various retailers to shop their goods from the mobile market. One of the prominent features of Google Wallet is the ability to hold credit in their phone that helps anyone to purchase different items via this virtual mobile payment system. Thousands of customers and merchandise heartily support Google Wallet as it can be used in anytime in any location. It provides 24/7 security and also makes sure that there is 100% security in each and every money and cash transaction.

Google Wallet can be researched further here.


paypal logo

In case of e-commerce, PayPal is the 800 pound gorilla in the arena. It links a bank account or credit card to a secure account that can be used to make payments and send donations. One of the important advantages of PayPal is to make payment ahead to the selected retailers. The most important thing about PayPal is that it is highly secure. A study in PayPal found that it provides customers onetime credit card number and once it is used it changes for the second time. Your PayPal account is controlled via a single email address.

Find more about PayPal here.

Square Cash

squarecashIt is one of the important debit and credit card payment solutions that constituted $10 billion in 2012 and $15 billion in 2013. This shows an important result to increase transaction over the years. Merchandise greatly favor of it because it provides them with traditional PoS (Point of Sale) and customers greatly favor of it because it is quick and easy. It is very much beneficial to a customer as it pays automatically just push the button, type his or her name and make payment automatically. Here tips are also calculated automatically. It may be 5 or 10 percent that the customer chose after they make a purchase. Like the others virtual payment method it also provides loyalty cards in purchasing items, company provides grantee to store cash in the square servers than anyone’s individual device. In that case an important problem is that if the company is ever hacked that could be brought under major problem as cash is mainly stored in the company servers but beyond this problem it greatly offers the customers to make a transaction of their money very easily.

At last it can be concluded that, PayPal, Google Wallet, Square Cash all are playing an important role as a virtual payment system and it just only can be differentiated by their some features but more or less they are same and ultimately its popularity is on the rise.


What is the Lenovo Yoga 3?

yoga 3Lenovo is changing in the popular Yoga crossbreed with some design tweaks for any thinner, lighter technique. The new Yoga 3 Pro contains some of the biggest changes for the series since its launch. The company has chosen to eliminate the Yoga line’s classic hinge mechanism for a new style. Lenovo held an event in London on October 9 to announce the brand new products, with Ashton Kutcher patching in for the announcement simply by satellite. Kutcher holds the title “product engineer” with Lenovo.

Product specifics weren’t shared at the event, but hints have already started showing up on Lenovo’s website. The Yoga 3 Pro will succeed the actual Yoga 2 Pro laptop-tablet hybrid, that features a 13.3-inch screen that come with the base. That’s unlike various other hybrid designs when the screens are detachable.

The Yoga distinct hybrid laptops kicked off an huge trend in hybrid design, beginning with the original variation from 2012. Since that time, the idea of an clamshell laptop having two 360-degree fold-back depends has appeared on besides several subsequent Yoga exercises products from Lenovo, but systems from Dell, Toshiba, HP. P., and others. To the Yoga 3 Pro, the hinge even now folds back the whole 360 degrees, taking the chassis from your traditional clamshell laptop to your folded over supplement, with many possible stops along the route. The difference is the new hinge can be a single mechanism running the full width of the device. Instead two depends, typically plastic or maybe aluminum, this new hinge has the appearance and feel of a long portion of watchband material and is made from more than 800 individual bits of steel and light weight aluminum, with six points of attachment through the 13-inch display.


yoga 3 again

Besides being visually impressive, the new hinge allows the Yoga 3 Pro to get, according to Lenovo, 18 percent thinner and 14 percent lighter than last year’s Yoga 2 Pro. In your hands-on time using the system, it certainly felt such as thinnest Yoga nevertheless, at 12.8mm solid. While the percentage difference may appear small, the difference in comparison to an older Yoga was striking. As in the previous Pro version of the Yoga, the Yoga 3 Pro is created around a better-than-HD screen. That’s better in comparison with standard 1080p projection screens, but we’re seeing an increasing number of true 4K present displays in laptop computers, so these higher resolutions will not be quite as special as they were even last year.

Potentially more interesting is the new Yoga 3 Pro is powered simply by Intel’s also-new Core M processor. With combining an Intel Core M processor and up to 256GB associated with SSD storage, the actual Yoga 3 Pro has essentially zero moving parts inside of. The Yoga 3 Pro will be available around the end of October, in shops at Best Buy and through Lenovo’s online store. It starts in $1, 349 in America and €1, 299 in Europe and £1, 299 in England. Price and time for other areas, including Australia, haven’t been made offered yet.

Read more about the Yoga here.

How to Make a Podcast

Are you serious about making a podcast, but you have no idea how to do it? If yes, then fear not – you can do it pretty easily without breaking a sweat!

The term podcast refers to a digital medium consisting of episodes of a program available on the internet (usually through iTunes). Podcast is made of combining two words: Pod for iPod and cast for Broadcasting. But you actuallydon’t need an iPod any more to listen to podcasts. You can download podcasts onto any device – an iPod, iPad, Android phone or tablet, or any computer. And you can listen to them whenever you want!

Podcasting would be the ultimate democratization of radio. A person with a little idea and some elbow grease can make a terrific podcast. Here’s uncomplicated guide to building a podcast. This post isn’t intended to be a one-stop shop for all podcast issues, but it should give you an idea of where to get started making your podcast!

You will only need a computer and a microphone, and it’s likely that your computer already has a microphone!


Marking your podcast “Stuff about Me” isn’t likely to rocket you to the top of iTunes. That is, except if you’re Paris Hilton or maybe the world’s top expert on Bigfoot. Instead, try to develop a compelling topic and format. Shoot for a topic that you are zealous and passionate about, preferably the one that focuses on a niche that has not also been covered or is relatively without the need for content. Podcasts can go in to detail on absolutely anything and everything, whether it be described as a sci-fi expose about alien abductions or even a news piece that details the fluctuating price of striper in Seattle, so never worry about your chosen topic! To put it succinctly, your podcast represents just how your show will be arranged. That stated, you’re more planning to create better content if you go searching for the same composition with each occurrence. Generally, podcasts have a bunch who invites guests to get a conversation on a certain topic chosen ahead of time, but structure really does vary greatly based on the selected content and how you need to go about it. Finding the appropriate format for you is generally a trial-and-error process, one you’ll likely hone and fine tune during the period of your first couple episodes so that as you begin to fully familiarize other podcast offerings.

Once you’ve obtained the proper gear and picked a topic, you’re on schedule to begin your recording and documenting. Keep in mind the basic fundamental topics of your podcast and try to stay on theme when recording the first episode. This might take a lot of practice, but many radio/cast vets may produce quality at ease with slight preparation. Most professionals have spent years condensing reports and honing their craft within the studio, likely encountering exactly the same technical difficulties that you will along the route to the top. Fear not, you should embrace your initial inexperience and savor the experience of learning!

Your podcast program will produce an audio data file for your pilot. It’s not really considered a full-on podcast until it’s online and available to the public. Post-production editing will be key to nearly all podcast – you can do this yourself or outsource it to a freelancer. Masterful editing takes time and energy to learn, though, so don’t be concerned if you can’t pull of a number of the more advanced techniques and actions to start with. As far while basics go, you would like to ensure your volumes are roughly exactly the same across speakers and develop tightening dead room between phrases. If you have other audio elements, such as miscellaneous sounds and loud background audio, make sure the quantity levels are low enough you possibly can still hear the actual speakers. You could also work to trim your file for the specified length, or adjust the actual bit rate as well as other audio facets to your desired medium.

More details can be found on the Apple site here!

DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ Review

dji phantom 2 vision plusAs the last model, DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus has the latest features that you would expect in a top-notch drone. These include exceptional flying capabilities, a vastly improved camera, and super-smooth recording capabilities. It is more commonly known as a drone, which is a high end radio controlled and camera equipped quadcopter. It integrates with Apple’s ecosystem of devices to significantly enhance its capabilities for aerial footage. Its integrated camera system plays a pivotal role of success of DJI.

DJI Phantom 2 vision plus is a small, remote control drone/copter crammed to the gills with technology. It includes not only a camera but also a built in gimbal with 3-axis electronic stabilization. It also includes GPS and Wi-Fi, which can shoot video in full HD – 1080p at 30 fps.


It looks like a kid’s toy and its total body looks like a big white x, which is with a plastic two-bladed rotor on each of the four points. It has two long legs to stand and to protect the camera contained underneath. The camera rig is a pretty complex looking component. It is connected by four rubber bulbs which are to help dampen vibration from the motors. Its camera has been divided into two parts. The hanging platform keeps the camera’s brains, micro USB plug, and micro SD card slot, and a wire goes down and connects to the camera’s lens and sensor.


DJI phantom vision 2 + is very simple and easy to setup. It is well organized, constructed, and fun to fly. It has long and sustained battery life, and can be easily set up to navigate a flight path independently. It is absolutely more powerful than your average toy quad-copter or drone. The DJI Phantom 2 Vision plus falls into a wonderful spot for anyone who would like to get started taking videos and photos from the sky. So overall, we think that the DJI phantom Vision 2 plus is something that is very simple to pilot, and it shapes up to be a great quad-copter drone for aerial photos and video.


It is time consuming to prepare for a flight and then take photos. On the other hand, the video quality is on average with a lower POV camera. You may need an extra battery to perform your photo and flying session, as it can be a bit time consuming to setup the right shots. Ground control features might be too limited for more experienced users, especially if you’re spending this much.

To take aerial photos and video, this DJI phantom vision 2 plus is worth considering. In the end, though, it is up to you to decide if it is worth the cost. We like it for its easy setup and use, and if you’re going to spend a good chunk of change on a drone, this might be a great one to start with.

Bose Soundlink Color: A Review

soundlink_color_re_lgAre you a big music fan? Do you like it on the move? If so, Bose might have the perfect product for you. The Soundlink color Bluetooth speaker could be the right sound device for you.

It is a compact, powerful, lightweight, portable Bluetooth speaker that does an awesome job playing music wirelessly from a smartphone or tablet device. It is very simple to use, and you can happily carry anywhere you want to go. You can find your desired Bose Soundlink color Bluetooth speaker by different colors – red is pictured, but blue, green, white, and black are also available.


The Bose Soundlink Color’s design is solid. As is typically the case with Bose, this small speaker puts out a lot of sound. You may not expect much from a compact speaker, but this one sounds much larger than it really is. It is well-constructed and has different colors available.

It is small in size: 5 inches wide, a little taller length wise (5.27-inches), and 2.08-inches deep. The model is available in deferent colors including black, white, red, and mint-green. The top part of the speaker has a black rubber panel with six buttons laid out in a row. This is a simple, organized interface which lets you swiftly play your music without any difficulty. Aside from the volume and power buttons you find Bluetooth and Aux buttons to change the input source from the wireless connection to the 3.5mm-jack at the back of the speaker.

The front is simple with a Bose logo near the top and a large speaker grille that takes up the majority of the front. The back has a smaller grille near the Bose logo. On the bottom right corner you’ve got a little indention with a Micro-USB port for power and 3.5mm jack for plugging in a device.


While measuring the performance of the Bose Soundlink color, there are two things you need to keep in mind. The first one is the audio. As was previously stated, the Soundlink color is a small speaker but it has a lot of volume. If you want to listen to some music while moving around to different rooms in your apartment or house, then the Bose Soundlink is definitely loud enough to use. But on the flip side, if you want to carry it with you, it is light enough to carry from one room to another without any issue at all.

Product Features

Let’s compare this speaker to others in the market. Comparing to different Bluetooth speakers, the Bose Soundlink color gets the latest features that most people are probably looking for.

• Well organized technology – Produces full-range and clear sound. Compatible with a wide variety of Bluetooth enabled devices. As a result, you can wirelessly listen to music and audio you might not expect from a compact speaker.
• Voice prompts – Keeping it means you are on Bluetooth pairing process. It is easy to set up the speaker with your smartphone or other compatible device.
• Rechargeable battery – You can get about 8 hours of playing time and you can charge your battery from most USB power sources or wall outlets.
• Durable design – It is to give you an active mobile lifestyle.
• 3.5mm auxiliary input – This jack permits simple connectivity to devices without Bluetooth technology.